Thank you to Christin and Ashley from Luna Bella Make-up Art for submitting this guest post.  We think it’s a brilliant idea for pampering the groom.



By Christin Brown and Ashley Kelly
Co-Owners of LunaBella Make-up Art

Photos by Elizabeth Messina Photography

So, you’re getting ready for your big day and your bridesmaids are looking great, you’re looking glamorous and so is the rest of your bridal party. You may be overlooking someone who deserves some pampering as well – your other half, your mate, your groom. Your groom’s skin is just as important and let’s not forget that it’s his day too.

LBMA presents an amazing new feature to their exstensive line of services, it’s called “Manscaping” – which is the art of making your husband’s skin presentable and camera-ready for your wedding day. Most of the time, grooms aren’t necessarily concerned about getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, or even getting a facial before the wedding. Now you can bring the spa experience to him, at your hotel, your home, or wherever you’re getting ready. The Manscaping service includes moisturizing and prepping the skin, reducing the appearance of dark circles underneath the eyes,  and also evening out the tone of the skin. We even take the step of using a matte gel on the face that will keep his skin matte and shine-free. It also includes hair styling and brow grooming. He will look as natural as the day you met him, but will remain camera-ready and confident throughout the evening.

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One of our favorite Manscaping stories is with one of our favorite grooms, Mario. Mario is a bubbly guy that’s hilarious but not afraid to tell you how it is. Well, on their wedding day, we’re strolling up to their villa at the Biltmore and we’re excited to see then. They open the door, and….they’re completely sick!! Mario’s poor nose and surrounding areas were red, irritated and runny. We definitely had our work cut out for us, but rest assured knowing that he looked amazing afterward. We concealed the dark circles around his eyes from sleepless nights coughing and extremely reduced the redness around nose. We even took the added step of adding the color back into his skin with a little bronzing powder . . . and voila! Mario may not have felt 100%, but he sure did look like it.

Many of our Manscaping clients have said the following:

” All guys should do this on their wedding day. You can really see what a difference it made.”

“It feels like I’m not wearing anything at all.”

“Hmmm. I look good. ”

That last comment is always our favorite. Manscaping is an awesome way to give a little pampering to your soon-to-be hubby before showtime. So remember, you don’t have to take him to the spa, now you can bring the experience to him. His skin will look fabulous and it’s a great way to make him special on your wedding day.

Luna Bella Make-up Art will be presenting at the upcoming Santa Barbara Wedding Couture event on March 27th.  Tickets are available at a special price for SB Wedding Guide Brides and Grooms.

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