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La Tavola Linen Santa Barbar Wedding Style Pin It

Defining Style: La Tavola Linen 2016 Collection

We were invited a few weeks ago to take a sneak peek at the 2016 La Tavola Collection, and are just head over heels with the fresh, new and vibrant colors put forth by this linen rental company!  Diverse and delectable, these linens are sure to dress up your special event with style and personalization!

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Top Left: Brush Squares Blue

Top Right: Brush Rings Smoke, Mabel Grey Napkins

Bottom Left: Velvet Pink

Bottom Right: Baylis Rain Taupe

Who doesn’t love velvet?  The chairs above are not only available, they also have runners in the luscious textiles.

Santa Barbara Wedding Style La Tavola Launch 2016 2Pin it

You can even rent throw pillows to complete your look, refer to La Tavola’s website to see which print is available in a pillow.

Santa Barbara Wedding Style La Tavola Launch 2016 3Pin it

Bottom: Mosaic Tile Pink, Antibes Pink Napkins

Santa Barbara Wedding Style La Tavola Launch 2016 4Pin it
Santa Barbara Wedding Style La Tavola Launch 2016 5Pin it

Bottom Linen: Lizzie Blush

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Images 1-10 (Northern CA release party in Napa)
Photographer: Studio EMP
Tabletop Décor: Casa de Perrin
Furniture: Found Vintage Rentals
Florals: Chestnut & Vine
Catering: Paula le Duc Fine Catering
DJ: Dart DJ's
Photo Booth: Tomfoolery SF
Images 11-13 (Southern CA release party in LA)
Photographer: Studio EMP
Tabletop Décor: Casa de Perrin
Furniture: Found Vintage Rentals
Catering: Paula le Duc Fine Catering
DJ: Dart DJ's
Images 14-15 (Catersource & Event Solutions tradeshow in Las Vegas)
Photographer: Jenna Dosch
Tabletop Décor: Casa de Perrin
Furniture: Found Vintage Rentals
colorful ceremony rose pedals Wisteria Lane Pin It

Wisteria Lane Adds Magical Jewel Tones

With every petal, there is a burst of color that brightens up the air. Wisteria Lane does an exquisite job of creating a unique floral experience for each wedding. As the bride walks down the aisle full of diamond laid petals, she looks out an archway engrossed in green mosses and fuchsia vine flowers.  Her elegant bouquet of yellow tulips, mini red roses, garden roses, and large peony illuminate any ocean front wedding. The groom’s vibrant tie and boutonniere adds a special touch to the lovely couples presence.

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Pin it

The beautiful centerpiece fills the vase with jewel toned fuchsia and orange flowers. A few single stems lay on top of the round-edged diamond design of the tablecloth which adds a great touch. The mixture of turquoise and clear candle holders brings out the imagery of the bright blue sky above the open-air reception. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

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The four-layered white cake topped with alluring peonies brings attention to the dessert table. Dessert tables are a great idea for any wedding and gives guests a variety of different options to indulge their sweet tooth. The tabletop is aesthetically intertwined with a variation of green leafs, mini ferns, and white peonies to complement the cake. Using other personalized touches such as antique books and multi-styled stands creates an appealing tabletop. The creative design will make for great conversation in the many years to come.

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catering connection Pin It

Cocktail hour was established in weddings for few reasons. Primarily it keeps guests occupied and entertained while the couple, wedding party, and family members take pictures. This is a time where guests can enjoy a drink and a couple nibbles between the ceremony and dinner reception.

Here are a few examples of hors d’eourves done right created by Catering Connection.  The combination of perfect bite-sized snacks, stations and pre-plated size nibbles, showcase delicious options for your guests, and will for sure have you salivating by the end of the blog.

Using a homey decor vibes such as this Tent Merchant’s shelving, proves that placing forks in the drawers, and salad bowls on shelves make for an eye catching adornment which doubles up and serves a salad (or a purpose).

www.rewindphotography.com Santa Barbara Wedding PhotographerPin it

Adding a station adds heartiness to the cocktail hour and fills bellies a bit as guests imbibe.  In this case, Catering Connection had 2 action stations (an action station has an attendant preparing or finishing off the dish in front of your eyes), which creating entertainment and essence which again creates a dual (feeding) purpose.  These stations included braised short ribs and gnocchi three ways served in mini cosmo glasses.

catering connection tasty tue stationPin it

Skewing is serious business. The most important aspect of having a skewered item is to ensure that each piece is indeed bite size. That way guests can easily pop the food item into their mouth and discard the stick without being cumbered and having to hold it whilst talking, holding their drink or grazing.

www.rewindphotography.com Santa Barbara Wedding PhotographerPin it

Spooning can absolutely be done during cocktail hour. Catering Connection showcases their spooning skills in two ways, one with specially designed, self standing silver spoons of scallops, and then edible spoons nestling a fresh and delectable bite size bruschetta.

catering connection tasty tue spoonsPin it

One of the important aspects of serving food, is having the menu items labeled, that way guests know what is on the tray and can  make an easy decision if it is something they want or are able to eat, or not. PS – did you notice the shrimp on the tray below are already “de-tailed??  That is one “detail” that should not be overlooked, I hate having to hang on to those things…..)

catering connection tasty tue bite sizePin it

catering connection tasty tue signagePin it

Finally, a dessert, or in this case, fresh fruit toppings and and flavors, can make for a fun ‘do it yourself’ station, where items are laid out for guests to add to their liking.

catering connection tasty tues dessertPin it

We hope this gives you some ideas and appetite, happy many planning!

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catering: Catering Connection

photos: Matt Roberts Photography

rentals: Ventura Party Rentals


Enjoy Cupcakes Pin It

We were influenced by a recent Real Santa Barbara Wedding post’s dessert bar to showcase something sweet for today!  The completely adorable, Enjoy Cupcakes vintage trailer creates a unique experience for special occasions.  Not only is it an aesthetic eye appeal, but it also brings decor to the venue and a conversation piece for guests. Of course, the icing on the top is the delicious desserts Amber creates  inspired by local produce, flavors, wines and respect for food. 

Spotted at this spectacular wedding at a private beach in Santa Barbara, we had to share these great images from Amber’s blog with you here.


ecupcakes2Pin it
ecupcakes3Pin it

You can find Enjoy Cupcakes at two locations:

Saarloos & Sons at 2971 Grand Ave. Los Olivos, Ca 93441

Thursday, Friday, Sunday, Monday 11:00 to 5:00 /  Saturdays 11:00 to 6:00


Santa Barbara Public Market at 38 W. Victoria Street, #105, Santa Barbara, Ca 93101 (opened 2014)

Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 to 9:00, Sunday & Monday 10:00 to 8:00

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Spring is here and so are the #CaliforniaPoppies!

We could not help but post about these seasonal surprises, since Instagram has these golden blooms painted all over its feed. The California State Flower generously bloomed and delineated summits and hillsides, just in time for April 6th, California Poppy Day.

Figueroa Mountain, located in the Santa Ynez Valley proved to be the place to be to see these layers of gold dancing on its ridges.  We find this to be a colorful location to bring your photographer and snap some picture perfect engagements images.

Here are some best of the best instagram pics snapped from the weekend showcasing these brilliant blossoms in our own back yard.

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Jose Villa - @josevilla (featured image)